Action Types

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Action Types


Action Types


The following Actions Types are available. You can view configuration details by clicking on each link.


Add List Item - creates a new list item in any list in any site in the Site Collection.

NOTE: Add List Item can also be used as a copy item function by mapping current list items values into a new list item.

Update List Item - updates any list item in any site in the Site Collection.

Delete List Item - deletes any list item in any site in the Site Collection.

Upload Document - uploads a document from your drive to SharePoint.

Generate Document - creates documents using templates and data values from the current list item.

Send Mail - automatically sends an email to people or groups.

Send SMS Text - send text messages

Execute Script -embeds JavaScript code into a custom action.

Invoke Web Service - runs an external web service.

Invoke Workflow -  invokes a SharePoint Designer workflow, a NITRO Workflow, or a Microsoft Flow.

Query List - gets info from lists that can be used later in the workflow

Invoke Custom Action - runs another Custom Action

Launch URL - launches a URL, and placeholders can be used in the URL

Invoke Azure Function - runs an Azure function

If using Microsoft Office 365, these Actions are also available for working with Microsoft Teams:        

Create a Teams Channel - create a Channel in an existing Team

Send Teams Message - send a message to a Channel

Post an Adaptive Card - post a card in a channel (uses the NITRO Bot)


NOTE THIS DIFFERENCE IN THE ACTION SCREENS: In topic for each Action type, the screenshots vary between those from Legacy actions and those from Designer actions. They are very similar with the difference being that Legacy actions have a "When to execute this Action" section for setting Conditions and the Designer ones don't. In the Designer model, the Conditions are outside the Action in the Gateways so therefore a Conditions section is not needed.


Legacy actions have "Execution Status" with three options and a "When to execute this Action/Conditions" section:



Designer actions have "Execution Status" with two options and no "When to execute this Action/Conditions" section: