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Send Mail

Send Mail

This action allows you to send notifications, alerts, and other emails using mail templates created within the NITRO Workflows app. These mail templates are used in this Send Mail action only and are not used elsewhere in NITRO Studio..

WF Send Mail 1

General Settings                                

         Action Name: enter a name for this Send Mail action

         Mail Template: see below

       Delay Execution: to delay the sending of the email, enter a number from 1 to 30 to indicate the number of  seconds to delay sending.            



To select recipients,  click the buttons after the text boxes. Select the recipients from the Select Users box that comes up.

"To", "Cc", and "Bcc" can hold multiple names.

"From" can hold only one user or email address

"Never send to" -- use to indicate users or email addresses to never send this email to.



Mail Templates

Use the "Mail Template" dropdown list to select a mail template. If no mail templates have been configured in the NITRO Workflow app, click the Create button to create a mail template. The Edit and Delete buttons can be used to edit or delete an existing NITRO Workflow mail template.


clip0528Create a Mail Template -- Note that the mail templates created here apply only to the NITRO Workflows app and are not used elsewhere in NITRO Studio.

clip0529Edit a Mail Template -- a template must be selected in the drop list in order to edit it.

clip0530Delete a Mail Template -- a template must be selected in the drop list in order to delete it.





Title: the name of the Template

Subject: the Subject of the email. This can have Placeholders in it.

Mail Body: the Body of the email, which can include rich-text formatting. This can have Placeholders in it.

Include updated columns: any columns that have been updated will be included in the email.

Exclude update columns: do not include the updated columns designated in the box.

 The format to identify the excluded columns is: [[Column internal name || Column display name]]

 If multiple columns: [[Column1 internal name||Column1 display name]] [[Column2 internal name||Column2 display name]] ... (etc.)

Highlight updated columns: any updated columns that are included in the email will be highlighted.

Insert attachments: puts the item's attachments into the email.


Variables can be added to the Subject or Body of the email. The "Placeholder" variable is selected from the list on the right, and the "Add to Subject" or "Add to Body" below the list will put in the corresponding place.


The placeholders include Site and Item information as well as all the fields in the list where this mail template is being created.


"Site Link", "List Link", "item Link", and "Edit Item Link" will put a clickable URL in the email. "Site Title", "List Title", and "Item Title" will put the name as text, not as a clickable link.


Here is an example Template with placeholders in it: