Custom Actions

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Custom Actions



NITRO Custom Actions provide business process automation on demand. Custom Actions share many of the same data processing features as NITRO Workflows such as item creation and updates, sending emails, running scripts and web services, however custom actions are triggered manually by pressing a button in the Display Form, List View or selecting the action from an Edit Control Block, rather than automatically as they are in Workflows. Custom Action processes can be performed for a single item or multiple items, depending on how they are configured.


Key Features


Item-level actions – Create, Update or Copy Item(s) to another list

Send emails

Upload and generate documents

Run scripts and web services

Run NITRO workflows

Run a Microsoft Flow

Update multiple items in a single click

Use conditions to add logic or restrict actions

Enable action control through user permissions

Display customized actions in Item ribbon

Allows both auto-update and user manual input on an action

Customize messages to show when action fails


Accessing Custom Actions


Custom Actions can be accessed from the List Ribbon, List Settings, or NITRO Studio App Page.

When accessed from the List Ribbon or List Settings, the list is known and the app will not prompt to choose a list.

When accessed from NITRO Studio, the list is not known and a drop-down appears where the list can be selected.

See Accessing the Apps for more details.




Configuring Custom Actions

Action Buttons - Different ways to invoke a Custom Action

Custom Action Types - Details and configuration instructions for the various action types

Post Action Processing - Explains configuration options for screen controls and navigation once the Custom Action has completed.

Use Case - Close Tickets Using Custom Actions - Shows how to configure and run a custom action

Use Case - Invoke Workflow to Archive Tickets

Use Case - Link Items Using Custom Column