Mail Templates

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Mail Templates


The Mail Templates app allows great flexibility on what email is sent out when sending an email as part of an application. Emails that are configured for the purpose intended help drive better communication and therefore better results and quicker resolutions.

Mail Templates are used with the Email Manager and Custom Actions apps. See those topics for details on how mail templates are used within those apps. This section of the manual describes how to access the Mail Templates app and explains on how to configure the templates.

NOTE: The NITRO Workflows and Advanced Approval apps use mail templates that are similar to the below. However, NITRO Workflow mail templates are only for NITRO Workflows, and  Advanced Approval mail templates are only for Advanced Approvals. Those mail templates are available only for the app they are created in, unlike the Mail Templates discussed here, which are available to both the Email Manager and Custom Actions apps.

Key Features

oSends end users and customers emails with accurate information on the status and progress of a request.

oAllows staff members to send emails to get the information they need to clarify a request or question.

oPulls fields and values from a list item into the template saves time and effort while ensuring accuracy.

o Templates can  be formatted with rich-text, links, and embedded images so as to convey the right information in an attractive and understandable format.

oThe emails can be sent from the Email Manager while in a list item, from Custom Actions in the item ribbon, or from a Custom Action in the list view.


Accessing Mail Templates

Mail Templates can be accessed from List Settings when in a List or from within Email Manager and Custom Actions. See Accessing Mail Templates for details.



Accessing Mail Templates

Configuring Mail Templates