Email Manager

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Email Manager


Crow Canyon Email Manager App is an add-in for Office 365 that allows user to send outgoing emails from SharePoint lists and performs updates on items.

Key Features

Allows users to send mails from SharePoint lists.

Allows users to create multiple Mail Templates.

Allows to store history of Outgoing emails in any other list linking to parent list (Email Tickets)

Allows to update list Items upon sending outgoing emails by specifying Item actions


Accessing Email Manager

Email Manager can be accessed from the List Ribbon, List Settings, or NITRO Studio App Page.

When accessed from the List Ribbon or List Settings, the list is known and the app will not prompt to choose a list.

When accessed from NITRO Studio, the list is not known and a drop-down appears where the list can be selected.

See Accessing the Apps for more details.



Configuring Email Settings

Configuring Email History List

Configuring Item Update Actions

Using Email Manager to Send Email