NITRO™ Workflows

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NITRO™ Workflows



NITRO Workflows allows you to automate your business processes by creating complex workflows that execute based on changing data conditions or times. It has powerful, robust features that will enhance the productivity of your developers, yet can also be simple enough for process automation by power users. All workflows are comprised of a name, a source list, a triggering event, optional conditions to streamline or restrict the workflow, and one or more actions that can create, update or delete list data, send emails and manage list permissions.


Key Features


Create, modify or delete a list item or item collection on any list within the site collection

Cross-site operations

Set conditions at the workflow trigger and action levels

Create email templates and send mail through workflows

Retrieve data using CAML or Lookup Items and perform actions on those items

Store data in a variable that can be used by actions in the workflow

Ability to manage list item permissions

Execution logs to help you monitor workflow activities


Accessing NITRO Workflows


NITRO Workflows can be accessed from the NITRO Studio App Page.

See Accessing the Apps for more details.





Configuring Workflows - Details on how to setup workflows

Workflow Actions - Types of workflows and how to use

Conditions, Placeholders and Functions - Powerful, flexible workflow features

Workflow Use Cases - Sample workflows

Workflow Execution Logs - Monitoring workflow execution