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Send Mail

The Send Mail action allows you to automatically send emails to one or more users or groups using a mail template. In the scenario below, we will send an email to a staff member when a ticket gets assigned to them. We will also create a new email template for this purpose. Be sure to read the last paragraph, which reminds that Save or OK must be clicked in each place where it appears in order to fully save your actions.


CustomAct - Send Mail1



CustomAct - Send Mail3


CustomAct - Send Mail4


CustomAct - Send Mail5


When you edit the template you can add both text and dynamic values such as Placeholders, Links, and Column values from the current list to the Subject or Body of the mail template.

To so, simply enter the desired text, click on the links or columns in the scrolling list on the right, and click on the 'Add to Subject' link or 'Add to Body' link in the lower right corner.


CustomAct - Send Mail6




CustomAct - Send Mail7



Creating and Managing Mail Templates

For more information on creating and managing mail templates, see this section of the manual: MAIL TEMPLATES.


Saving your Work


It is important to note that you must hit OK and Save at all levels of the Custom action in order for your individual actions to be saved. Changes to the custom action are committed only on the ‘Save’ button click on the main custom action new/edit page (AddEditSettings.aspx). When user opens any pop-up and changes anything (like edit action, add action etc.), those are not immediately saved to the settings.