NITRO™ Reports

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NITRO™ Reports


NITRO Reports is a a powerful tool to generate custom reports using data from SharePoint lists. It supplies the graphs, charts and tables needed to fully analyze business processes and  performance. The reports can be displayed in Report Center or added to SharePoint pages to create dashboards and informative workspaces. The reports can be emailed, saved as PDF's, or printed. The reports are easily configured in the Report Manager app based on SharePoint lists. Themes can be created to customize the report display.

With this tool, users, staff, and managers will be able to see a visual display of both immediate and historical data and trends that can help guide decision-making and improvements to the application and the services it provides.

NITRO Reports consists of three parts:

The Report Manager is an app where the reports are configured and themes are customized.

The Report Center is a web part that sits on a page in a SharePoint application. It shows the reports that were configured in the Report Manager.

The third part is the reports themselves, which can be viewed from the Report Center, added to SharePoint pages, emailed, printed, or saved as PDF's.

Key Features

Supplies graphs, charts and tables for graphical reporting

Allows selection of two fields from a list to generate reports

Supports various operators to generate reports – Sum, Count, Max, Min and Avg

Allows creation of both tables and charts for a report

Enables addition of reports in Wiki pages and Web Part pages

Allows users to create custom themes to provide borders, padding and spacing to tables as well as colors for charts


Accessing NITRO Reports

NITRO Reports can be accessed from the NITRO Studio App Page. Also, a link to the Report Center can be placed in the Quick Launch or Top Nav Bar.


See Accessing the Apps for more details.



Report Manager

Report Center