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Report Center

The Report Center is the part of  NITRO Reports that shows reports in the SharePoint application. The reports are configured in the Report Manager app. The Report Center lists all reports that have "Show in Report Center" checked in Report Manager.

The Report Center is a web part that is added to a page in a SharePoint application (see below on how to add it to a page). Also, the Report Center can be added to a page using this section of the Report Manager.

The Report Center lists reports in the left-hand pane. At the top of the left-hand pane is "Manage Reports", which opens the Report Manager app where reports can be configured.

(Note: The colors of the report will change each time it is selected unless the report uses a theme that uses pre-determined colors. The themes are set up in the Report Manager.)

In the bar above the report are four options:

       PDF -- creates a PDF file of the report
       Image -- creates an image (.png file) of the report
       Email - opens a "Send Email" box with options to set the TO, Subject, and Body. The report can be attached as either an image or a PDF.
       Print -- prints the report



Adding Report Center to a SharePoint page

(As noted above,  the Report Center can also be added to a page using this section of the Report Manager.)

Click ‘Page’ on top left corner of a page on which you wanted to configure Report Center and select ‘Edit page’ as shown below



Web part Page:


Wiki Page:


Add ‘CCS Quick Launch Hider’ on the page to hide quick launch on the page

The Report Center should now show on the page. Note that this page would have a URL and therefore a Quick Launch or Top Nav link can be added to give direct access to it.