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Print Manager


Print Manager enhances the functionality of printing SharePoint lists and items. It allows users to define multiple print templates with different styles and data and use them conveniently.


Key Features

Create print templates for List Views (multiple items in item listing) and List Items (single item)

Create any number of templates

Customize templates with different styles

Print different types of barcodes and QR codes

Add of Headers and Footers to the print out

Use with Crow Canyon Linked items

Print Multiple Items:

oPrint items based on SharePoint view

oPrint items based on complex and/or conditions specified in condition builder

oColumns to print can be selected based on the view or can be selected specifically for the print template

Print Single Item:

oPrint item with column specified in SharePoint view

oPrint item with selected columns as specified in print template

oAllows to add sections while specifying columns in print template


Accessing Print Manager

Print Manager can be accessed from the List Ribbon, List Settings, or NITRO Studio App Page.


When accessed from the List Ribbon or List Settings, the list is known and the app will not prompt to choose a list.

When accessed from NITRO Studio, the list is not known and a drop-down appears where the list can be selected.

See Accessing the Apps for more details.



Printing Lists

Printing Items