Printing Items

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Printing Items

Configure Item Templates

Item Templates specify settings to print a single item in a list. Item Templates are listed on the 'Manage Item Print Templates’ tab in the Print Manager.

Item Print Templates are also used in the Generate Document action in Custom Actions.

Create an Item Template

Create an Item Template by clicking on ‘New Item Print Template’ button



Configuration of Item Template:

Settings tab

Configure  ‘Settings’ as shown



Title - The name of the template. This name will be shown in the drop down when going to Print an item.

File Name (pdf/png) - When using the print manager, you have the option to save the file as a PDF or a PNG file, rather than using the Print tool. This allows you to select a name for the file. It accepts placeholders to customize the File Name.

Default Template checkbox - Allows you to set the current Item Print Template as the default template when opening up the Print screen

List - The list where this Item Print Template will be used (the list with the items you want to print).

Template Type - Allows you to select a List from the current site or a List Rollup from the current site

    Specify Columns - Item template configuration allows two options for selecting columns in items for printing:

i.Use View Columns (print the columns from selected View)

In this option, item gets printed with the columns specified in selected View

ii.Use Filter Columns (use specifed columns)

In this option, you select what columns to print and in what order. You can also add Sections breaks.


Note: All the other configuration settings ‘Styles’, ‘Header’, ‘Footer’, ‘QR Code/Barcode’, and 'Advanced' are the same as specified in Printing Lists section


Update an Item Template

Click on ‘Edit’ icon clip0285 to update an Item Template


Note: Print manager allows to change all the settings configured other than selected List


Delete an Item Template

Click on ‘Delete’ icon clip0286 to delete an Item Template



Printing an Item

A list Item can be printed in two ways:

1.Print item from List View (Item is selected in the view, but not opened).

a.Open a list view on which Item Template is configured and select an item to print. Click on ‘Print’ icon under ‘Items’ ribbon (make sure you are in the ITEMS view in the ribbon).



b.Initially Crow Canyon Print Manager auto-selects the ‘Default’ Item Template



c.Select a template from the drop-down list and click on ‘Print’ icon.



2.Print item from display form (View mode, not Edit mode)

Open a list item in display form and click on ‘Print’ icon under ‘View’ ribbon