List Rollup

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List Rollup


Combine multiple lists into one view for easy access to data spread across SharePoint lists. List Rollup collects data from multiple SharePoint lists across Sites in the current Site Collection and shows them in a list view web part. The app can be used to rollup any SharePoint lists, allowing you to easily combine lists across Sites, with minimal SharePoint knowledge and no coding.


Key Features

Aggregation of data across Sites

Collect, Filter and Sort data

Conditional formatting of columns

Add List rollup web part to Dashboard or web part page directly from app

Customize look and feel of web part

Create new items in rolled-up lists directly from web part

Allows to view or update items directly from list rollup web part


Accessing List Rollup

List Rollup can be accessed from the NITRO Studio App Page or Site Settings/Site Administration.

See Accessing the Apps for more details.



Configuring List Rollup Definitions

Add List Rollup to Pages in Site


Example of Usage

Let's say a manager needs to monitor all the tasks assigned to employees. The tasks are spread across several lists, such as Hardware Tasks, HR Tasks, Credit Card Tasks, and Active Directory Tasks. Without the List Rollup app, the manager would not be able to see a combined view of all these tasks, with monitoring only possible by opening each list. The List Rollup aggregates these lists and shows the combined tasks in one list view, which can be placed on a dashboard or web part page.