Email and Text Sync

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Email and Text Sync


Email Sync creates a connection between an Exchange or Office 365 mailbox and a SharePoint list. Emails sent to the specified mailbox are converted to SharePoint list items. The emails can come from internal users or external customers.

One use of Email Sync is that if employees are used to sending to a certain mailbox for support or other services, they can continue to do this while a new SharePoint or Office 365 application is used by staff to manage those requests, issues, inquiries, etc.

Another use is with a web form where users or customers enter information; the web form then sends an email to the mailbox with the form data, where it is converted to a SharePoint list item.


Key Features

Emails sent to a designated Exchange server or Office 365 mailbox are converted to list items

Can use any Exchange or Office 365 mailbox, as long as it can be accessed

Allows precise mapping of email fields to columns in the SharePoint list

Multiple mailboxes can create items in the same SharePoint list

Filters can be used to determine which emails are converted

Filters can be used to block emails, such as spam or from certain domains

Used in many applications to convert emails from users or customers to tickets, requests, tasks, leads, etc.


Accessing Email Sync

Email Sync can be accessed from the NITRO Studio App Page.


See Accessing the Apps for more details.



Configuring Email Sync

Configuring SMS Text Sync