Linked Items

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Linked Items

Overview of Linked Items Columns

Linked Items Column is an Office 365 App that allows to display a list of related items directly on a parent item’s forms and view  

For example, there are three lists: ‘Products Details’, ‘Products Sold’, and ‘Payment Details’. ‘Products Sold’ and ‘Payment Details’ are two child lists of ‘Products Details’ List. That is, there is a lookup field to the parent list (‘Products Details’) in both the ‘Payment Details’ and ‘Products Sold’ lists.Using Crow Canyon Linked Items Column App we can display data of ’Products Sold’ and ‘Payment Details’ in ‘Product Details’ List Item’s View and Forms as shown below




Product Features

Creates a New item in child lists directly from parent list forms(Display Form and Edit Form) and Links it to parent list’s Form and view.

Supports both Single Lookup and Multi Lookup Columns.

Supports custom lists, document libraries and picture libraries.

Allows to select a view to show of the child list in the parent list form. This is useful for filtering certain linked items from the view in the parent list.


Creating and Defining Linked Item Column:

You can create Linked Items column only when you have a field from parent list as a lookup field in child list

Click on “Crow Canyon Linked Items Column” App in Site Contents

Click on ‘Create New’ button to configure new Linked Item Column



Configure New Linked Items Column Page



Parent List Information

Select List:  Select a List to create Linked Item Column



Name of new Linked Items Column:  Provide a name to Linked Item Column




Linked List Information

Select List:  Select List which is related to Parent List selected above



Select Lookup Column:  This dropdown will show those lookup fields in Linked List where Lookup List is same as Parent List selected above


Select View:  Select a view from child list so that data from selected view will get displayed in Parent List Item’s forms and views



Advanced Settings

Auto load linked items in list forms:  This option is to load items from child list into parent list forms automatically when list item gets opened


Form UI when Option Unchecked        


Form UI when Option Checked



Allow New Entry:  This option is to allow you to Add new items into Child List directly from Parent List forms and link it automatically to parent list




New Entry in UI of List Forms (Custom Lists)

1.Click ‘New Item’ link in List form


2.In New Item Configuration List Item ‘Title’ will gets populated automatically


3.After Saving Configurations newly created item will get linked to parent item’s form



New entry in UI of List forms (Document Library and Picture Library)

1.Upload new item into Document Library list


2.Provide List Item Title so that newly created item will get linked to parent list’s form


Updating Existing Columns

Edit existing Linked Item Columns as shown below



Delete existing Linked Item Columns as shown below




In Edit Mode you can change configurations of  ‘View’ and ‘Advanced Settings’



Note: If you want to modify ‘Parent List Information’ and ‘Linked List Information’ configurations, delete existing Linked Item column and recreate a new Linked Items column