Auto-fill Settings

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Auto-fill Settings

Auto-fill is a great way to save time for your end users by automatically filling in fields with information tied to specific users or groups of users.


Auto-fill can base its auto-population on the logged-in user or on a user name in a specific column on the form. It can be set to get information from the SharePoint User Information list, User Profile, or from a custom information list.


To create an Auto-fill in NITRO Forms Designer, go to Form Settings on the left-side pane, expand that, and choose Auto-fill User Information.


Auto fill user information


Clicking on Auto-fill Settings will bring up the “Configure Auto-fill User Information" box. At the top of that box is "Get User Information from”. In the video tutorial paired with this manual, found here, we use the “SharePoint User Information List”


The box has a table, "Configured Auto-fill Settings" that shows you all the Auto-fills you have previously set up.


 Configure auto fill



To configure a new Auto-fill Setting, click the New Setting button.

In the next screen, choose one of the following:

"Based on logged in User” -- there is no need to select a column since the auto-fill will use the logged in user's name or you can select the "People or Group" column which is having logged in user.


       Based on logged in user

“Based on a User column” -- you need to select the "People or Group" column that will be used for the auto-fill.



Based on user column


In either case, the next step is to map columns on the form to User Properties.


1.Select New Mapping


2.Map a column to the desired property. In the example below, we are mapping the column “Requester Email” to the user property, “Email”. The list of User Properties will depend on what you chose in "Get User Information From" in the earlier step.


User information column mapping


3.Once you have set up the mapping, hit “Ok”.


4.You can add more column-to-property mappings in the same way.


5.Once done with the mappings, click “Ok” in the Auto-Fill Settings to return to the main screen.


6.As with all edits and changes made in NITRO Forms Designer, remember to publish the form.



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