Forms Manager

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Forms Manager

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Configure Forms for Submitting Requests, Incidents, and Tickets. Replicate existing forms in SharePoint!


Crow Canyon’s Forms Manager for SharePoint is a web part that allows for defining how a SharePoint item is displayed to users. Create tabs or sections for separating columns on the item. Dynamically display columns or tabs based on selections in other columns.

The Forms Manager gives you the ability to limit who sees which columns in a given list. You can restrict access to certain tabs or columns based on the role of the logged in user. You can also display a tab based on selections in a previous tab or column. If, for instance, you wanted to show a particular form, such as a User Access Request form, but only when the user indicates that the item is for a newly hired employee, you can use a column to indicate that the request is for New Hire, which will then display a tab with all of the relevant columns for the User Access Request form.