Setting up Incoming Email Settings on the “Email Tickets” list

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Setting up Incoming Email Settings on the “Email Tickets” list

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Once the set up in Central Administration is done, configuration is done on the list in CCS Service Request that receives the email. That is the “Email Tickets” list. This list has a workflow on it that runs when an email arrives. If a new email (no [Caseid] in the Subject line), the workflow converts it to a new ticket in the Tickets list and sends out any “New Ticket” notifications. If the email is related to an existing ticket (that is, [Caseid] is in the Subject line), it associates the email with the ticket with that ID.


The “Email Tickets” list can be accessed through “All Site Content” of a Service Area


Clicking on Email Tickets opens the list. “Incoming Email Settings” is in List/List Settings, under Communications. If “Incoming Email Settings” is not there, it means incoming email was not configured in Central Administration


“Incoming email settings” is where the email address is set up. See other settings below.