Layout Templates

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Layout Templates

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The Layout Template allows for configuring the look and feel of the report.

Select from existing templates, or create a new template by typing a Template Name, setting the template options, and then clicking Create Template. The new template will become available in the Select Template field.

General Layout:

The Width and the Height under General Layout determine the size of the chart within the web part

Caption, Column, Row and Cell value Layout:

Each element can have

Unique alignment,


Background and font color.

Note: If the chart is larger than the web part, the chart will not properly display.
Color Mappings allows for defining which colors are displayed on the chart. Define as many colors as necessary for the chart.

If there are no defined colors, or if not enough colors are defined for all of the chart elements, Automatic colors will automatically set colors to display. The chart can be set to use all one color by using the Default color option.

Once completed, click Create Template, and refresh the SharePoint page to see the Template.