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Issue Type

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Each Issue Type should be associated with one Category. To use the same Issue Type for more than one Category, create duplicates of the same Issue Type (e.g. the Issue Type “Other” might apply to two or more Categories; in this case, create multiple Issue Types called “Other”).


To Create a New Issue Type click on the Icon to create new Issue type




Issue Type - Name of the Issue Type

Category - The Category to which this Issue Type is associated. When the Category is selected on the ticket, this Issue Type will be one of the options that show up in the Issue Type list.

Template – This can be used to populate information about that chosen Category/Issue Type combination. For instance, if the user should provide more information, this field can be used to ask additional questions, or provide additional instructions. Enter the template as plain text. It will appear in the Additional Information field on the ticket form.

Assigned Staff - Person to whom a new ticket is auto-assigned when this Category and Issue Type are chosen.

Enable Round Robin Assignment  If you select this option when a user is unavailable for a period of time and must delegate some or all assigned tasks to another user, then the user rules can automatically reassign the tasks based on certain conditions

Approver – The Approver Definition associated with this Issue Type. See Approver for more details.