Crow Canyon Field Manager

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Crow Canyon Field Manager

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The Ticket form, like every list item, has three forms:

New Form (when an item is first being created)

Display Form (shows item after it is created)

Edit Form (allows editing after item is created)

 The Crow Canyon Field Manager can set which columns (fields) are shown on which of these three forms. This can prove useful if you want some fields to show on the Display Form, but not the New Form, for example.

         For further control of fields and their display, you can use Tabs and Tabs Permissions to limit certain groups to specific tabs on the ticket, as well as Advanced Column Permission Settings, both of which are available in List Settings.

 The Crow Canyon Field Manager is accessed through List Settings for the list.



The boxes on the left show what fields are visible. To not show a field on that form, simply move it over (using the arrows) to the right side under "Fields hidden"