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Create a new Category by clicking on the plus sign in the upper left of the Category list (see above screen shot).



Title -- Category name

Category Owner – A Person or Group who will be notified when a new ticket matches both the Category and Priority settings on this Category form. This field can be left blank so that new ticket notification is not based on Category. This works in conjunction with the New Ticket Notification utility described in Notifications below. That utility is used to set up the new ticket notification for every new ticket. The Category Owner is used to set notifications by Category.

Priority -- Used along with Category name to determine if the Category Owner should be notified when a new ticket is created with this Category and this Priority level. (“Any” = any priority, so that means the Category Owner would be notified for every new ticket of this Category.)

Assigned Team – A group who will be notified of the new ticket. Populates the Assigned Team field on the ticket. The Assigned Team will get updates on the ticket, such as the Notification on Ticket Assignment, and Notification on Ticket completion. The ticket remains unassigned until the Assigned Staff field is populated.