Batch Ticket Editor

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Batch Ticket Editor

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Use the Batch Ticket Editor to quickly assign and close tickets. The batch ticket editor consists of four buttons which can be found on the top ribbon bar when viewing a list (by selecting one or more tickets). These buttons can also be found in the ribbon at the top of an individual ticket by opening the ticket in display mode. In all cases, the actions are the same. However, to apply the action to multiple tickets, select multiple tickets from the list view, and then use one of the buttons in the top ribbon bar. The four options are:

1.Mark Resolved

2.Self Assign


4.Assign to someone else


Mark Resolved:

When you choose the Mark Resolved, the chosen ticket(s) will be assigned to the current user logged into SharePoint and then closed. Before the tickets close, however, you'll have the option to set the Resolution and Resolution Notes for the chosen ticket(s).


Resolution - Set the resolution for the chosen ticket(s)

 Resolution Notes - Set the resolution notes for the chosen ticket(s)

Self Assign:

When you choose the Self Assign option, the chosen ticket(s) will automatically be assigned to the current user logged into SharePoint. You'll see the following screen once the self-assignment process is complete:



When you choose Close option, the chosen ticket(s) will be closed. Before the tickets close,


If the Ticket is not started or not resolved below screen will appear 




Assign to someone else:

When you choose the Assign to someone else Ticket(s) option, a box will appear in modal view allowing you to set assign staff for the chosen ticket(s).