Action Settings

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Action Settings

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Title - Name of Action

Action Type - Can be either SLA Action, Ticket Action, or Assignment Action. Choosing Ticket Action or Assignment Action (alone or in tandem with SLA Action), will place the action on each ticket under the "Actions" or "Assignment Actions" link respectively.

Ticket Column Changes - Set static column changes every time a user chooses the Action. Use the format "Display Name: Value"

Increment Column Changes - Use this setting to incrementally change a column. In the above example, when a user executes the action, the Hours column will increase by a value of 1.

Reassign to Team- Use this setting to reassign to a Team.

Reassign to Staff - Use this setting to reassign to a particular staff member.

Close Ticket - Use either the "Ticket Column Changes" or this check box to automatically close a ticket upon execution of the action

Stop/Start Clock - This will either stop or start the clock on the ticket for reporting purposes based on the action. This is useful if you are escalating the issue to an outside vendor, and do not wish to report on the time it takes for them to respond.