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  Service Request software

 IT Help Desk Module

IT support incidents, requests, link to asset inventory tools


Capture Web, email, Outlook, phone requests
Auto-routing to departments, staff
Full Knowledge base
Familiar Interface
No new software or hardware required
Pulls customer, employee info from Outlook, Active Directory
Link/attach forms, policies, instructions
Highest user acceptance rate in the industry!
Reporting, drill-down and dashboards
Flexible to fit your processes, workflow and business needs 
Mobile and Text notifications
 HR Requests Benefits, leave, training, new hire, termination, and more. Enforce policies & compliance.
 Facilities Work orders, building maintenance, AV, events, cleanup. Track assets, time, cost.
 Customer Service Manage  calls, inquiries, complaints. Track follow-up, resolution. Link with Outlook and other Contact Managers.
 Citizen Request City, County... Central point for Citizen requests. Raise service levels, accountability and track costs.

NEW RELEASE: Version 6.1 with Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010 64-bit support  and other new features now available!

CCS Service Request adds workflow, notifications, assignment and reporting features to turn Outlook into a powerful service desk application that is easy to use and deploy across your organization. 

CCS Service Request fits any issue/service tracking need. Template plug-ins provide a jump-start for your service desk needs. 



CCS Service Request enables each service request to be reliably submitted, routed, approved, monitored and delivered, resulting in high employee and customer satisfaction.

Consider the benefits of deploying our Outlook or SharePoint-based solutions:

  1. User acceptance is high because your staff already uses Outlook and/or SharePoint. No new applications, no new sign-on process, no concerns over which application to use to schedule, assign or work on tasks. 
  2. The price is lower because we don't have to build the base collaboration platform. Microsoft already did and continues to add powerful new features we can leverage. A standalone application has the cost of keeping up with Microsoft. 
  3. Cost of ownership is low. No email and calendar synchronization problems or headaches of maintaining multiple databases, security models or backup adminstration required. It is already done in Outlook and SharePoint. 

Your organization already invested in an office and collaboration platform, why not use it to gain more productivity today?

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