Why Crow Canyon?

Because you already have 3/4ths of our solution already installed: Microsoft Office, Outlook and Exchange.

Increase support team productivity leveraging Outlook, Exchange and the Web.

Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook provide a powerful collaboration and communication platform. Your organization made an investment in Exchange and Outlook, and now has an integrated collaborative messaging platform, with scheduling, contact, and task management capabilities.

Rather than recreate those functions in a separate platform, as many of our competitors do, Crow Canyon builds upon Exchange and Outlook to give your help desk and support staff the tools to they need to provide excellent support - without requiring any additional infrastructure.

Why pay for one or more stand-alone solutions, and all their associated time and resource costs in installation, deployment and maintenance, when you can leverage your existing Exchange and Outlook to answer your organization's needs?

Because it is 100% Exchange-server based, our Outlook productivity software deploys rapidly throughout your organization, with little impact on the desktop. And by presenting users with the Outlook user interface they're already familiar with, user adoption is swift and training costs are minimized.

Benefits of our Microsoft Exchange/Outlook-based solutions:

 Uses existing resources, no need for additional hardware.

 Much lower deployment and maintenance costs.

 Painless integration with existing infrastructure.

 Swift deployment throughout organization.

 Familiar UI simplifies training and accelerates adoption.

As you look to acquire and implement a support team productivity solution, consider where your company had already made commitments. This decision is truly a platform decision. If you have committed to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office then Crow Canyon applications are powerful complements to these investments. By configuring these applications to support your business processes, you can begin recognizing returns from the moment you install our applications.


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