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Remote Installer: Software Unattended and Silent Install
A timesaving tool for software remote installation, Remote Installer allows you to retrieve a list of applications installed on every PC in the local network, to automatically detect changes in this list and to make a mass remote installation and deinstallation of software.
The software deployment process is automatic, unattended and silent; all you need is an MSI package ready for silent installation and a list of the PCs where it should be deployed. The rest is automated by Remote Installer.

It’s not a secret that even ordinary software updates can take efforts of an entire IT support team during a few days. Why does this happen? Because in many cases administrators need to visit every PC to check the application version and perform the installation or update. Is it possible to optimize software deployment and management tasks for companies and organizations that have a large number of PCs in their network? It is realistic that most time consuming operations can be performed remotely:

  • Software inventory - getting a list of applications from every PC
  • Remote installation and uninstallation

Remote Installer helps you reduce efforts for application management by providing the ability to make silent group operations for selected PCs directly from the administrator's workplace.

What Is a Silent Remote Install?


With Remote Installer you can manage applications the same way you remote-control your TV while relaxing on your comfortable sofa. Click... and you make a scan to get a list of available programs, click... and you save or delete program, click... Does it sound like a fantastic management application? You can evaluate the tool to make sure.  

When you start using the application the first step is getting the list of available computers in the network. Network scanning is performed automatically and launched by just one button click. After a scan, which takes only few seconds even for large networks, you can select PCs to retrieve the list of installed applications. For every PC you get list of applications, including name and version. This list can be saved and compared with earlier or later results to see the difference and be aware of changes. 

After reviewing the list of software on the network PCs you can decide to install or uninstall some applications. Forget about following the setup wizard on every PC - with Remote Installer you can make mass silent unattended installations. It's really easy! You need to select the PCs where you want to make deployment and select the MSI package to install. As soon as you defined this, you can launch the fast and fully automatic installation process, which doesn't require either you or your remote PC user’s participation. Uninstallation process is even easier - you just select what application should be uninstalled and launch automatic uninstallation process. 


Unattended Installation Requirements

With Remote Installer you can remote install applications that have the installation in Windows Installer format, i.e. MSI package. Such installations should support silent installation procedure, which have default options configured and don't require interaction with the user. But what if you don't have an MSI package and just have an ordinary EXE setup file? Can it be installed remotely? In this case you can use the benefits of MSI Package Builder . This tool can help you convert an EXE to MSI package suitable for unattended silent installation.

Using MSI Package Builder together with Remote Installer gives you the unique ability to make an unattended deployment even to those installations which were not designed for such an installation process. 

Remote Installer or Group Policy?

 Remote Installer is a qualified alternative for remote installation through Group Policy. What are advantages of  Remote Installer?

  • It can be used for unattended install on PCs worked in domain and workgroup. Group Policy can operate in domain only.
  • It provides software inventory features. Group Policy doesn't provide such functionality.

Key Features

  • Remote installation of MSI packages to PCs in domain or workgroup. Automated mass deployment process, which doesn't require interaction with user.
  • Remote uninstallation of applications from PCs in domain or workgroup. Applications should be previously deployed by Windows Installer.
  • Detection of applications, installed on network PCs. Reported data includes name and version of application.
  • Customized search of applications on network PCs. Search criteria based on particular file or registry value existence.
  • Saving and comparing list of applications to detect changes.
  • Generation of printable reports with an applications list for every PC or list of newly installed or uninstalled applications.

Select Edition

 Remote Installer is available as Starter and Professional editions with different features. Starter edition is FREE! Below you can see high-level features comparison of these editions.

Software Inventory
Retrieving applications list from network PCs
Customized detection of installed applications
Saving application list
Tracking changes in the applications list
Remote Installation and Uninstallation
MSI silent installation to PCs in domain or workgroup
Uninstallation of applications from PCs in domain or workgroup
Print-ready reports generation in PDF and Excel formats
Software report for every PC
Software change report for every PC
Price FREE! from $49.00
Licenses issued for Remote Installer versions prior to 3.10.0 are equal to Enterprise License - Unlimited Nodes licenses.


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