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With Remote Desktop you can manage any PC remotely. It allows you to establish a remote desktop connection to see a remote screen and use your mouse and keyboard to manage it in the same way that you work with your personal PC.

Optimized data transfer algorithms guarantee fast and secure PC remote access. In addition to remote desktop control features you can also get performance and inventory information from remote PCs, chat with remote users, make remote screenshots and do other useful things remotely.  

With Remote Desktop you can manage servers, provide technical assistance to users, diagnose and fix problems on personal PCs. These and a lot of other tasks can be performed remotely, all directly from your desk. You don't need to spend time anymore in a refrigerated server room or make a long trip to a customer’s site in order to troubleshoot a problem. You can rely on Remote Desktop to save you a lot of effort and make your job easier.  

Remote Desktop is more than just remote access software. In addition to the fast and reliable remote desktop control module it offers you a set of additional remote administration tools to create detailed hardware and software inventory reports, shutdown remote PCs, execute remote tasks and run performance monitoring. All these features together with a fantastic price contribute to immense success of this product on the remote control software market. 


Key Features

  • A total remote desktop control through a network connection. A high data transfer speed together with a special full-screen mode allows reaching a maximized comfort of remote desktop usage.  
  • Connecting to the remote desktop without terminating the session of the logged on user. 
  • Multiple parallel connections with more than one remote PC.  
  • Capturing screenshots on remote PCs and recording a screencast.  
  • Chatting with users who operate on remote PCs.  
  • Monitoring performance of remote PCs. Collecting information about started applications and processes. Launching and terminating applications remotely.  
  • Collecting detailed inventory information from remote PCs.  
  • Executing shutdown, reboot, power off, lock/unlock and logoff commands on remote PCs. 

Remote Desktop is available as Starter, Professional and Enterprise editions with different features and prices. Below you can see high-level features comparison of these editions. Pricing options are presented on the Buy It Now page. 


Starter Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Remote Desktop Control
Interactive access to remote desktop
Support of multiple parallel sessions
Capture screenshot from remote desktop
Record screencast on remote desktop
Shutdown remote PC
Text chat with remote user
Schedule file operations on remote PC
Performance Monitoring and Remote Task Management
Remote applications and processes management: get list of launched applications and processes, terminate, launch new
Performance monitoring on remote PCs: CPU and memory usage, number of launched processes
System, Hardware and Software Inventory
Basic inventory information: OS, motherboard, memory, video system, modems, network
Extended inventory information: processor, memory banks, disk drives, printers, installed applications, OS hotfixes, shares, drive mappings, startup commands, program folders
Printable inventory report
Customized inventory report
Price from $99.00 from $149.00 from $229.00
Licenses issued for Remote Desktop versions prior to 4.2.0 are equal to Enterprise Edition licenses.


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