Information Technology (IT) 

CCS Service Request for IT                                  

Optimize IT Staff Efficiency and Improve Service Levels
     Built upon your existing Microsoft® Outlook®and the Web - No new software or hardware needed!

CHALLENGE: Automate tracking of IT support incidents and requests with an application that end-users will actually use and your staff will embrace, at a price management will accept.

SOLUTION:  CCS Service Request is a powerful, yet simple and efficient, way to automate tracking and management of IT support requests.

  • High user acceptance through use of familiar Outlook, email and web interfaces 
  • Easy-to-use, yet full featured, technician interface 
  • Value-based pricing with high ROI 




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Installs in minutes, deploys quickly, and scales to meet the needs of your organization. Part of our ITIL for small to medium organizations solution.

  • IT Support Incidents 
  • Hardware and Software requests 
  • Configuration change requests 
  • Password / email requests 
  • New user setup 
  • Website change requests 
  • Client / Customer Support 
  • Application defect tracking 


 CCS Service Request Overview

More productivity from your existing investment

  • Actually built upon Microsoft Outlook - not a look alike 
  • Leverages all functions of Microsoft Outlook and Office 
  • Integrates with e-mail and calendaring so you can coordinate support resources, schedule appointments and assign tasks  
  • Easy to use, install and deploy, no new software or hardware required! 

Capture incidents from many sources

  • New tickets submitted via Outlook, Email, or the Web   
  • Convert emails to tickets automatically 
    New Ticket Example
    Assign Ticket Example

Flexible to support your existing processes

  • Flexible forms with customizable fields, look and feel 
  • You control routing, notifications and communication 
  • Approvals based on category and type of request 
  • Include existing forms and links to policies 

Improve incident resolution productivity 

  • From within a work-order, your staff can: 
    • Access a full knowledge base 
    • View hardware, software, capacity and updates information 
    • Launch IT administration tools 
    • Schedule appointments in Outlook Calendar 

Measure and track service

  • Full reporting works with Excel, Access and other reporting tools 
  • Full incident tracking, time tracking and tracking by project 
  • Report on service levels and automatic escalation (Pro version)  More on the Pro version 
  • Satisfaction surveys linked to at completion of request 

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Take a look at our IT Support tools that work with CCS Service Request IT!


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