CCS Service Request - Finance and Administration

Leverage your existing Microsoft Outlook, Office and the Web to Track and Manage F & A requests. 

CHALLENGE:  Managing expenditures and administrative requests presents many operational challenges. Employees often still use manual processing (telephone, paper, fax) for requests and approvals for capital expenditures, expenses and appropriations that impact  budgets and overall profitability. These requests require timely response, appropriate approval  and drive critical fulfillment and back office functions.

SOLUTION:  CCS Service Request - F & A is a powerful yet simple and efficient way to automate the tracking and management of the F & A request processes. Employees submit requests from a variety of sources (phone, email, the web, and Outlook) and the tickets are routed to the right department or individual for assignment and fulfillment. Link in relevant forms, and policies, tracks time, costs, work logs and status throughout the process.

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Automate your existing forms and manual routing processes to improve employee service and F & A staff productivity. 

  • Purchase Requistions
  • Travel Authorization / Expense
  • Vendor & Contracts Approvals
  • Capital Expenditure Requests
  • Timecard Processing
  • Payroll Change Requests
  • Invoice Requests
  • Administrative Support Requests
  • Budgeting and Cost Approvals
  • Credit Verification
  • Financial Results and Reporting
  • Document Approvals
  • Payment Requests 
  • Product Pricing Approval
  • Supply Requests
  • Petty Cash Request

CCS Service Request - F & A  Features 

Install in minutes on your existing systems
Tickets can be submitted through email, web, Outlook or the phone
Easily configurable to support your existing processes without IT assistance
Automatically routes to responsible department or individual for assignment and fulfillment
Assign to one or many staff, split ticket into multiple tickets
Full approval and emergency notification features
Access knowledge base, Outlook Calendars to set appointments, and link to any F&A database all from within the request fulfillment form

Quickly identify overdue tickets, high priority status or any other filter with Ticket Views feature. Measure your success with full reporting capabilities

Immediate Benefits


Increase F&A productivity, by providing an easy to use, centralized point, for submitting requests

button Improve department staff productivity by automating the request, routing and tracking process
button Reduce time-consuming follow-up phone calls for request status and more information
button Improve efficiency and compliance by standardizing request procedures and process
button More effectively measure service levels, response times and costs for requests
button Get more return out of your existing Microsoft investment
button Significantly increase overall operational efficiency and employee satisfaction


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