CCS Service Request                          

Track service requests across your entire organization

Built upon your existing Microsoft® Outlook, Office, Exchange and Web Platform 

CHALLENGE: Every organization needs to provide a variety of services (HR, IT, Facilities, Customer Support...) to its employees and customers.  Each service often requires different processes, forms and workflow, which are difficult for employees to identify and follow, and for administrators to track and manage.

SOLUTION:  CCS Service Request provides a central point for submitting, assigning, and tracking  corporate service requests, work orders, customer service,and many others types of requests.  CCS Service Request is a simple yet powerful application to improve staff productivity and raise levels of service.

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CCS Service Request can be applied to:

Corporate Services - Track Employee Requests

Internal services such as IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Sales and Marketing are the backbone of any organization. But most organizations have no common way for employees to access these services. CCS Service Request provides a central point to request, route, and track requests and assignments through to completion while meeting your level of service goals.  Eliminate time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls. Institute procedures and controls to meet compliance regulation. See how CCS Service Request can manage and track requests for:

Learn More>>>  Beyond the IT Help Desk

Customer Service - Track Customer Cases

Provide your agents and support staff with applications to effectively capture, track, and manage customer service requests. Agents can assign, manage, route, and resolve customer support cases across all media including phone, email, mobile devices, and Web. Automate case-tracking and e-mail notification to ensure that everyone stays in the loop, and as a result, that the customer receives top-quality service.  Use CCS Service Request to track:

  • Incidents and Complaints 
  • Product Issues and Defects 
  • Asset Management and Product Registrations 
  • Service Contracts and  Warranty Requests 

See more at our customer service page

Industry Applications - Automate your specific processes

Many organizations have used CCS Service Request to automate service request tracking for a variety of business processes. CCS Service Request is flexible and can support most service request processes without customization. See some of the examples we already have implemented:

  • Healthcare - Physician Group support, Patient Services, hospital facilities and equipment maintenance
  • Banking - Private Banking services, loan approval processing, customer service center
  • Education - University student services, campus facilities, security requests, event requests
  • Local Government - Police/Fire equipment maintenance, facilities, park services, building services with CCS Citizen Request 
  • Law Firms - Client service, room scheduling, case support requests

CCS Service Request Overview

More productivity from your existing investment

New Ticket Example
Assign Ticket
Assign Ticket Example
Work Order Form
(Assigned ticket)

  • Actually built upon Microsoft Outlook - not a look-alike 
  • Leverages all functions of Microsoft Outlook and Office 
  • Integrates with e-mail and calendaring so you can coordinate support resources, schedule appointments and assign tasks.   
  • Easy to use, install and deploy, no new software or hardware required! 

Capture incidents from many sources 

  • New tickets submitted via Outlook, Email, or the Web   
  • Convert emails to tickets automatically 

Flexible to support your existing processes

  • Flexible forms with customizable fields, look and feel 
  • You control routing, notifications and communication 
  • Approvals based on category and type of request 
  • Automatic Notifications  throughout the workflow process 
  • Include existing forms and links to policies 

Increase Staff productivity

  • From within a work-order your staff can: 
    • Capture and link all emails related to the ticket
    • Access a full knowledge base 
    • View relevant information from operational applications 
    • Reassign or add assigned staff as needed 
    • Schedule appointments in Outlook Calendar 

Measure and track service

  • Reporting works with Excel, Access and other tools 
  • Full request tracking, time and cost tracking, and tracking by project 
  • Satisfaction surveys linked to at completion of request 
  • Report on service levels and automatic escalation (Pro version) 


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